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Oh - not good :(

Oh - not good :(. There will be a change of the file ending in the near future. Stay tuned!

of the object.

of the object.
in sense-perception, the 'harmonious' vibration of the two in our 'immediate' experience, cannot, surely, be analyzed without reference to the substantial two-foldness of this Coach Factory Outlet same immediate experience and to the reality of interaction; and this being so, substantiality is a datum of our sensuous cognitions as well1 Grundriss d. Psychologie. \ 12, a. Cf., also Systen der Philosophie, p. of reflection, by which I mean reality of activity in definite cognizable states, or it can mean nothing capable of clear psychological exposition; and, therefore, from this point of view, the possibility of psychology as a science rests upon this postulate.This, it is well known, was denied by Kant. In his psychology he would, in sense-perception, limit us to the relations of 'space' and 'time,' deriving from the understanding or the logical faculty the relation of substance and attribute. I would submit for enquiry the question how far the felt contradictions involved in the First Analogy and the First Paralogism are due to this denial. Moreover, it should be observed that Kant's denial is valid only against the doctrine of substance and attribute which prevailed in his day, a doctrine which came to Kant, unfortunately, in the form Hume had left it, and which was to a large extent a parody of the philosophical doctrines of Locke and Berkeley. Nor was the notion of independence which characterized the pre-Kantian thought, against which also Hume revolted, overcome by Kant himself. He arrived at almost the same conclusion as Spinoza, namely, that experience, implicated our category only as a limiting concept. He therefore declared that it was absolutely unknowable by human research. The words of Kant that "the substance without the attribute can neither in the world of matter nor in the world of mind be actually laid hold of," we can most readily endorse, therefore; though his inference from this misstatement of the problem we cannot accept without also accepting his agnosticism. It is not our purpose to discuss this here; it is referred to below. We need only remark that if our analysis be correct, the here and now present object of sense-perception implicates not only a passive relation, but also an active and causal element, and for us the activity of the object in our sense-percepts is its substantiality.The view for which Coach Outlet we contend combines the opposing views in the history of the concept of substance. We find in sense not only the changing continuum, but also the cause of the changes, inasmuch as our primary experiences imply a connection active in every mental state between the object, as an Official Coach Factory Outlet Online extra-mental reality, and our active consciousness progressively assimilating the active content of the object. The psychosis may be briefly stated thus: substantiality, in the sense of activity, is already involved in the earliest 'prick' of our sense-complexes, and is so known in experience.II.We turn now to the view of substance as ego, and we begin with the distinction of consciousness and self-consciousness. As, objectively, we

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